Your Guide to Entertaining in the Summer

Once the summertime arrives, Canadians are ready to take full advantage of warmer, sunny days. One way we love to soak it all in is by hosting as many backyard BBQs as we can with friends and family. Are you eager to play host this season? Learn how to create the most memorable get-togethers this year with your guide to entertaining in the summer.

Pay Attention to the Food

Anyone knows that the food is always the star of any party – whether it’s a backyard barbeque or a fancy gala. So pay attention to what you feed your guests. Serve what’s fresh and in season, and figure out your menu well in advance so you can have plenty of time to prep. You don’t want to be stuck cooking for the entire party, so think of recipes that won’t require too much work.

Create a Theme

Will you be hosting a wine and cheese event, a potluck, beach bum BBQ or maybe a Hawaiian luau? People love attending themed parties and dressing up, no matter the age. Plus, it adds some fun and humour to the occasion which helps set the tone of the evening. A theme will also help you plan out your menu.

Alter Your Layout So People Can Easily Mingle

When it comes to entertaining in the summer – or any time of year – always consider the layout of your space and whether people will be able to move around and mingle easily. If your space is small, consider moving furniture around or tucking items into a spare room so your guests will have more space to enjoy. You don’t need a lot of room to host a great party – you just need to tweak it for a social setting, so no one gets trapped in a corner.

Make Sure There’s Music

Like food – music is also an essential part of hosting a great event. Think about your theme, invitees, and have a playlist ready. Or set up your laptop so your friends and family can play DJ and select their favourite tunes.
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