What are You Missing in Your Life?

Feel like there’s something missing in your life? Chances are it could be something that you could solve somewhat easily. If you don’t really know what you need in order to make yourself feel fulfilled, then how are you supposed to achieve happiness? The answer is by being open and willing to explore new things about yourself. By being open to change, you get to learn and discover more about your personal values, your potential, and what you need in your life in order to feel fulfilled.

Here we offer some simple ways to achieve this and gain a greater understanding of what might be missing in your life.

Learn What You Truly Want and Desire

So often we get caught up in comparing ourselves and our accomplishments – or lack thereof – with others. But by doing this, you automatically set yourself up for failure by provoking feelings of failure and self-doubt. When self-doubt is dominating a good portion of your everyday thoughts, how can you expect to explore your actual potential? You must learn to acknowledge your own individual needs and accomplishments without comparing them to others.

Maybe having more time and energy is more important than achieving a high-paying, stressful career. If you’re trying to fool yourself into doing something that really isn’t in line with your values and wishes, then you can bet you’ll end up feeling like there’s something missing, even with a fancy, successful career. Ask yourself more questions to determine what you truly want and then start to listen to yourself!

Be Open to Change

You can’t expect to achieve a different feeling and result if you’re not trying something different. Exploring a different approach and being open to change is crucial for really learning more about what’s truly important to you. If you don’t like something once you try it, then whatever! That’s the whole point of trying new things – discovering what you do and don’t like, or what does and doesn’t work for you. When you find something you don’t like, your narrowing down your identity for yourself, which will make it easier for you to change yourself for the better.

Determine What Your Values are

Everyone has a core set of values that dictate a lot about how we live out our lives, but many of us are unaware of the specific values that we live by. And the reality is that often, the values we hone in on can contradict each other and end up preventing us from achieving a level of happiness and fulfillment that we want. For example, if one of your major values is freedom and another is intimacy, you can see how these two would present some challenges and conflicting results. Being unclear about your values is what often leads to feelings of unfulfillment. So whether it’s love, success, security, intimacy, freedom, or good health, get to know what your hierarchy of values is by writing them out and adjusting them as necessary. Values guide most of our decisions, so if you’re unaware of yours or if you have conflicting ones, they could be preventing you from leading the life you truly desire.

Finding out what’s missing in your life can be achieved by getting to know yourself better. Let go of comparisons, be open to change and new opportunities, learn what your values are, and start to really listen to yourself. It’s all for a better, more satisfied you!