Understanding the Financial Repercussions of Life Events

Whether you are facing a job loss or going through a lengthy divorce, these huge changes don’t just affect you personally, they also have a major impact on your finances. If you are lucky, you will have enough time to discuss and prepare for these life-changing events by putting together a financial plan. Unfortunately, these types of life changes tend to happen right out of the blue. Either way, it is important to be certain you are prepared to deal with any potential scenario. We have provided a few tips on how to keep your personal finances intact through a number of trying life events:

Job Termination

In the unfortunate event where your company deems your position expendable, what should you do? You will have a decent severance package to get you through the next few months, but you’ll need to find gainful employment quickly. If you happen to land a new job quickly, you can invest the money from your severance or use it to pay down debt. You could even use it to help kick-start a business venture you’ve been thinking about. You’ll land on your feet quick enough, but sitting at home with a few weeks’ worth of severance on your hands can help you re-evaluate your career and your life aspirations.

Separation and Divorce

Divorce not only involves personal consequences, but financial ones as well, especially if you have children together. You will need to update your will and your beneficiaries on any savings plans or life insurance you may have. If you need to start providing child support, you could need term life and disability insurance to protect those future payments. If you eventually re-marry, you may need to create a spousal trust so that your new spouse will have income while still leaving some inheritance for all of your children.

Taking care of a special-needs child

Caring for a child with special needs will require a lot of time and attention. Parents need to be devoted to their child’s development and health every step of the way. This situation also has financial repercussions. You might want to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) to ensure your child’s financial security. You may also establish a trust fund in their name.

When you experience a life change, contact The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd. and they will help adapt your financial plans to fit the changes in your life.