I have accumulated wealth but I don’t really have a complete plan.


It’s About Building a Bigger Future

Financial Freedom by Design

On its own, a financial plan is not complete.  First and foremost, it has to reflect your family values and aspirations to be meaningful. A complete plan includes a full understanding of your unique wants, challenges, and goals.  It joins the reality of where you are today with the future you want.  A complete wealth plan increases your confidence to run your business and personal affairs in freedom and comfort. Your family wealth and life plan must address your visions for the future, the challenges you see, and the risks you don’t.

With a little foresight, the complete plan will have you well on your way to paving a safe and secure financial future for yourself – and for your loved ones. All too often – people feel overwhelmed by their finances—where to start, how to plan, where to invest their money and ensure it is protected so that it can be passed down to future generations.


An infographic illustration of the elements of the Complete Plan

The Lifetime Vision Builder
  • Document your personal values and life goals
  • Articulate your dangers, opportunities and strengths
  • The Family Lifetime-Line

We explore what is important to you about your legacy.  We spend a considerable amount of time helping you visualize what your future could hold, move forward with assessing what you already have in place and begin to plan how to achieve the rest.

The Reality Report
  • Create a comprehensive financial inventory
  • Assess your global financial position (re: your lifetime goals)
  • Expose design risk
  • Test plan against performance volatility
  • Integrate your corporate structures
  • Create solution scenarios

Before we can begin the process of implementing any supportive solutions, we need to understand your current reality. This involves exploring all the areas of your personal, family and business life that have a financial impact on your wealth. This results in a comprehensive projection of your net wealth and available financial resources that will help you meet the objectives revealed in The Lifetime Vision Builder.

The Liftetime Protection Net
  • Disaster needs assessment
  • Income protection
  • Business exposure risk
  • Health care challenges

Surprises and changes can affect our lives significantly. The Lifetime Protection Net process ensures that you are aware of and are implementing solutions to counter the risks your family faces.

The Asset Matrix
  • Manage major market drops
  • Unique technical approach to market risk
  • Active technical asset engagement process
  • A defined “sell” or go to “cash strategy”
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Pay less tax
  • Cost-effective management

The system is an active risk management overlay that helps us decide when to have our offensive or defensive team approach working, or even when to step back from the playing field and become spectators during more severe market cycles. We always are on the side of conservatism thus; this program is not suitable for highly speculative investors.  It is suited for people who want to protect their hard earned assets from major declines thus preserving their capability to provide for their families.

The Tax Advantage Game Plan
  • Reduce tax payments
  • Family asset preservation
  • Corporate tax links

Taxation is a fact of life. The Tax Advantage Game Plan process seeks ways to minimize the effects of taxation on your family’s wealth. It is tax management by design.

The Lifetime Legacy Advantage
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Meaningful family transitions
  • Your social capital strengths

Our lives are not so simple in the 21st century. The Lifetime Legacy Advantage looks at the complications of life and death with the goal of creating a meaningful plan to transfer more than your wealth.



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