Securing the Future of Your Legacy

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You have a business you want to grow, protect, and pass on. We’re here to ensure this happens as well as possible – using tactics uniquely tailored to your situation.

We Understand Your Challenges and Concerns

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The Transitional Period

We’ll help you navigate the grey financial area between operating your business and setting yourself up for retirement.

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Peace of Mind

You built something from the ground up – we’ll take it upon ourselves to not only ensure its protection, but its continued success.

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Financial Know-How

You want to figure out how to be skilled in financial planning outside of your business. We can teach you how using methods we have tested for years and years.

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Time is Money

You’ve done your time – it’s time for you to spend your time doing what really matters to you. We can help you create more of this time.

You Have a Vision for Your Future

Trust in a Partner who sees that Vision
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We’re Not a Bank.

That means we treat you as much more than just a client number. We’re not here to sell you products or make things over-complicated. We believe in transparency at all levels, and strive every day to make your financial goals a reality.

You didn’t build your business in a day. Every decision you made was done so with careful consideration and planning. So why let a bank offer you stock templates for your financial future, options, pre-selected with no concern for your needs, wants, or lifestyle?

We do the opposite. We will work with you with the long-term in mind – after all, your future is not only about you. It’s about your spouse, your kids, and your descendants beyond that. We aim to give you confidence in knowing that you and your loved ones are financially secure in the long run. Confidence leads to commitment, and commitment leads to action – meaning you can run your business more effectively knowing you are in a safe, cohesive and beneficial partnership.

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Despite their entrepreneurial experience through building their road construction company, the McIntyres view themselves as inexperienced when it comes to investing in anything but their business assets. They’ve only just begun to invest time in developing a financial portfolio aside from their real estate and putting money into their RRSPs as directed by their accountant. Now, it is time to start planning where their income will come from as they exit the family business.

With help from The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd., Joe and Bev McIntyre gained confidence in the capability for their new portfolio to keep ahead of inflation and taxation over time providing a meaningful protection of their purchasing power.

It’s a story that rings true with people from all over the country – people just like you. We understand what it means to build something from the ground up. It takes careful consideration, planning and willpower. Each client who comes to us brings a story as inspiring and unique as your own, and we take pride in ensuring that we work as hard you would in order to achieve your goals.

Download our ebook to learn more about the McIntyres and how The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd. helps professional business owners just like you secure the future of your legacy.

We Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities

Truly Understanding our Clients is What Makes us, us.

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