How to identify and overcome stress triggers

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a consultant, or a C-suite executive, you are bound to have days where the stress feels too difficult to overcome. Stress can hamper your mood, reduce productivity, lead to illness, and negatively affect those around us. The key to handling your stress is to understand it on a deeper level. Generally speaking, there are two types of stress triggers: external triggers and internal triggers.

External Stress Triggers

These are things that are completely out of your control that cause you stress. There is no limit to what can cause stress and much of it leaves us powerless and helpless. Things like environmental disasters, accidents, random illness, or even death; all of these things are uncontrollable and can be the cause of great stress.

Unfortunately, there is no prevention for external stress triggers. The only thing you can do is arm yourself defensively against them. By living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body you will be able to handle more stress than you might think. If you have a healthy body and mind you will be able to obtain a positive perspective when things may appear to be grim. A certain level of “roll off your shoulders” attitude is required if you want to live as stress-free as possible. Many things in life are out of your control and it is your choice how you deal with them. Empower yourself by responding to stress triggers in a healthy, constructive way, rather than reacting to stress negatively.

Internal Stress Triggers

These stress triggers are much more difficult to overcome than external triggers. Internal stress triggers are thoughts and feelings we invoke upon ourselves that cause us to feel inadequate, anxious, or overwhelmed. This can be taking on too much at work or at home, or letting our fears overtake our daily routines. Whatever your internal stress triggers are it is important to address them before they take over your life.

Dealing with internal stress triggers involves taking a good look at the expectations you put on your own shoulders and evaluating their attainability. It’s difficult to tell yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t do something when you have spent your entire life building yourself up for greatness. Humble yourself and ask for help when needed. It is also important to set aside some time for you to relax in a day. Pick up a relaxing hobby such as yoga or meditation to allow your body and mind time to destress and rejuvenate.

Stress can be a life-altering thing. Don’t let it take over everything you have worked so hard to achieve.