Help Your Aging Parents Sell Their Home

As your parents age, they may decide to sell their current home and move into one that is better equipped for their needs.  As they get older, the stress and uncertainty of the selling process can be difficult for them to deal with; that’s where you can help save the day by stepping in to navigate through the process. Here are some tips on how you can help your aging parents sell their home:

Hire a Realtor

Hiring a real estate agent can make the selling process much easier; plus, a realtor has the knowledge and expertise to help find and negotiate with the right buyer faster than you could on your own. You can help smooth over the process by taking part as the middle man. That way you are fully involved and can help guide the real estate agent as needed, ensuring your parents are getting the best advice and service possible.

Review the Costs

The total costs can come as a shock when the whole process is said and done. Doing the necessary research for your parents can guarentee they aren’t left with any surprises. Knowing how much it will cost to pay the realtor, arrange for home staging, moving costs, legal fees, new insurance premiums, and closing costs is important. What you don’t want is any hidden costs that may put your parents in an unfortunate financial situation.

Home Inspections

Your parents may not be as mobile as you, so taking on the task of inspecting the homes first may be a good idea. You can take pictures and create detailed lists of all the property features and prices. That way your parents can avoid the exhaustion of running around the city and instead select a few to look at on their terms.


Your real estate agent and lawyer can take care of most of the transaction details for you, but when it comes to signing, it may be wise to review all the agreements. It will give your parents peace of mind that someone that they love and trust has also looked to make sure everything is correct.


Packing up a whole house full of items may be too much for your parents to handle. Arrange for family members to come and pitch in on the packing and unpacking; hire a moving company who can transport and move everything for your parents.

Giving your aging parents a helping hand in the sale of their house can make it a much easier transition for them. Hiring professionals that can help guide them is also a good idea, you will know you’re getting the best services and price for your parents.