benefits of sleep

Do you ever feel exhausted before lunch hour hits? Perhaps you need to assess the quality of sleep you are getting each night. We have become a society completely reliant on caffeine to get us through our work days successfully, however could the answer to heavy eyelids be as easy as getting a good night’s sleep? Absolutely. The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are so astonishing you will ask yourself why you haven’t been striving for it in years past.


Even though it may be our intention to go to bed early, we may not always be successful. Modern technology can make our lives easier, but that artificial light and the magnetic pull to watch one more episode, check the fantasy roster one last time, or read one last email make quality sleep harder to achieve. Turning off the television and powering down the laptops, tablets, and smartphones is the best way for our minds to close down properly for the night.


During sleep, quite a few sensational things happen. For instance, memory is stimulated while you sleep. If you are trying to prepare for an important proposal or have a big presentation to give, getting an excellent night sleep will allow your brain to process all of the information and in fact aid in your memory retention.


Sleep will also benefit you by helping to keep your stress levels under control. By lowering your stress you are helping to keep your cardiovascular health under control. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so by getting a restful night’s sleep you can help your body to fend off these problems.


If you drive to work, there is the ever-present problem of falling asleep at the wheel. An accident can cause irreversible damage to you or those around you. Sometimes coffee doesn’t provide you with the alertness required to operate a motor vehicle safely. Getting a good night’s sleep can save your life.


If you find yourself in a creative rut at work, instead of being hard on yourself, try to get more sleep. Your creativity can be sparked by simply being fully rested as your brain does quite a bit of regenerating while you are sleeping.

Sleep can be the solution to many of our problems in mind and body. However it is important to recognize that miracles do not happen over the course of one night. It is important to maintain a healthy sleep schedule as often as possible to ensure you are always putting your best self forward.