Finding a Healthy Work Life Balance

You’ve heard of it, you know it’s important, but creating a healthy work/life balance seems like something you can put off until tomorrow. Well unfortunately “tomorrow” can quickly become an arbitrary date and before you know it you’ve missed one too many piano recitals and can’t quite figure out where the years have gone. Before you become swept up in late nights at the office and the weekends totally immersed in your work, think of the consequences of your actions.

Your business thrives from all your hard work

Not all consequences are negative. It’s true that if you work exceptionally hard, then your personal success and business growth should positively reflect that effort. This could mean more money for you and your family and could mean good things for your future.

Your children go to bed without seeing you

If you spend night after night working either at your office or at home, your children will be the ones who feel your absence the most. Children of all ages are impressionable and a lot more intuitive than you might initially think. They will notice if you are never there for dinner, and they will notice if you aren’t around to kiss them goodnight.

Too many missed events can cause problems

As your children get older they may become involved in sports, music, or dance which means recitals and games are all part of the fun. If you are constantly a no-show at these events because you are working overtime, you can expect that your children to be upset about it. Your children want to show off the skills they have been practicing and receive your acceptance and praise. If you aren’t there to give it to them they may feel let down.

Stress in the marriage

If your job is taking you away from your house and family, expect there to be a certain amount of stress in the marriage over time. When one partner is handling everything to do with the house and the kids, they may begin to hold some resentment towards you for never being present. It’s not uncommon for a marriage to suffer and even fall apart if there is insufficient work/life balance.

It’s important for you to be successful and thrive in your business, however do not overshadow your home life and family life in order to reach the top of the business world. There are more important things in life than your job and it’s important to realize that before it becomes too late to change.

A complete wealth plan takes into account your unique wants, challenges, and goals, to ensure your financial picture aligns with your lifetime vision. The steps you take now can ensure your family is protected and you have the time and energy to invest in what matters most.