Establishing a Good Rapport with Your Staff

The larger your company grows, the more people you become reliant on to represent your company name. If you have built your company from the ground up it may be difficult to let go of certain tasks that were once handled by you, but as the company grows it becomes necessary to distance yourself from the daily grind and focus more on the management side of things. With the transition from workhorse into management, it can be easy to lose touch with the daily ongoings of your business. However it is important for the boss to maintain a good rapport with the staff, and here’s why.

Reputation Matters

Your staff are suddenly responsible for the reputation of your company. Anytime someone answers the company phone or writes and email with your business name on it, your business reputation is at stake. Ensuring that you have competent and intelligent staff working for you is the best way to ensure that your business is being upheld to the standard that you want it to be. Listen to your staff while they work. Talk to them, get to know them and know how they interact with clients. If you discover that they are rude or ineffective at client relations, then it may be time to consider moving them to a different role or letting them go from your company altogether.

Minimize Theft

Another reason to keep a good rapport with your staff is to minimize any internal theft. This is a problem when you have physical inventory that your staff are responsible for selling and monitoring.  If your staff think you, as a boss, don’t care about them or don’t appreciate them there may be an increased chance that they will start to steal from you, whether that’s physical theft or “stealing” time. It’s easier than you may think for staff to steal inventory especially if they are ever left alone. By showing them that you care about them and are willing to treat them with respect, it will decrease the likelihood of internal theft.

Your staff are an extension of your company, and if you want your company to continue to be successful you need to be certain that your staff are all representing the company in a positive light. Rewarding good behaviour, bringing in food or treats spontaneously to show appreciation, and just showing a general interest in their work life and personal life, where appropriate, are all great ways to ensure you keep a good rapport with your staff.