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Some of the benefits waiting for you:

  • A look at the strategy created for the Meyers to optimize their wealth management strategy
  • Witness a savings portfolio built from the ground up to safeguard against inflation and taxation
  • Learn methods to prepare yourself for a seamless, worry-free retirement
  • Analyze the process for creating a fair distribution of the Meyers’ family wealth
  • Read about how the Meyers learned to take advantage of various government financial programs
  • Dive into succession planning techniques made for preparing your estate for the next generation
Meet the Meyers: Nick & Julie's Story eBook

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Financial Solutions Tailored to Your Family’s Needs

One of Nick and Julie Meyer’s greatest worries was that they were being taken advantage of, as Nick, a General Practitioner of over 20 years, is a considerably high earner. The couple felt as if they were being sold boilerplate services instead of being offered real, personal financial guidance (a worry some of Nick’s colleagues had also voiced about their own financial providers). So, with a compounding lack of communication, an absence of results, and the steady dwindling of their confidence (and trust), the Meyers had decided they needed to make a change.

With help from The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd., Nick and Julie Meyer gained the peace of mind they sought as well as a detailed wealth plan focused on their unique needs.

The Meyers’ story is one that rings true with families all over the country — families just like yours. We know what it means to build your own estate and want to safeguard it for not only your future, but for the generations to come. Every client we work with brings a story and situation as unique as your own — this is why we take pride in offering services as diverse as the people we work with. We work hard so you can work a little less.

Download our e-book to learn more about the Meyers and how The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd. helps families just like yours secure the future of their legacy.

The Beacon Group of Assante helped the Meyers. Let us help you too.

You have an estate you want to grow, protect, and pass on. We’re here to ensure this happens  — using tactics uniquely tailored to your situation.

We Understand Your Challenges and Concerns

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You won’t find any slick sales pitches here. We’re not here to take advantage of you — we’re here to help you reach your financial goals.

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You’re as busy as a person can get — we’ll bring you the results, not the jargon-filled details. Want the details too? Sounds good to us.

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You want to be able to practise for as long as you possibly can — free of any financial worries which may occur down the road. We want to help you.

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You can feel safe knowing that your financial advisor shares your family values. After all, your future is more about them than anything else.


Meet the Meyers: Nick & Julie's Story eBook

Time is Money

If that were true, you’d be broke. We understand that it can seem nearly impossible to juggle your work, your family, your finances, and a million other things all at once. The thing is, there’s a reason why it feels that way — it is. We offer detailed and comprehensive explanations about what is happening with your assets — but delivered in a way which is convenient to your hectic schedule.

We’re here to take some of the load off. Your financial security is extremely important, and you understand that more than anyone. It’s no secret that medical doctors are a target for businesses aiming to take advantage of their high earnings. Our goal is that through a transparent and results-driven plan, we can instil confidence in you that we do what we do for the right reasons.

We treat every one of our clients like they should be treated — individuals with circumstances unique to them. In your case, we want you to rest your mind and be confident that we are handling your family’s assets with the same care you would give to your patients.