Easy Ways to Eat Healthy on the Go

Too often we find ourselves working against the clock to get where we need to be. Whether it’s to get out of the house on time in the mornings, or to get from one meeting to another over lunch hour, what suffers first and foremost is our diet.

Healthy Breakfast

It’s easy to skip breakfast on your way out the door when you’re racing against the clock. But by skipping breakfast you are depriving your body of the most important meal of the day. Substituting a proper breakfast for a quick drive through coffee is not a healthy choice, although it is a popular one. By not giving your body the fuel it needs to perform you are setting yourself up for fatigue and ultimately failure.

There is a simple way to make healthy breakfast choices without adding an extra hour to your morning routine, and it’s the smoothie! Invest in a good blender that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Next, invest in bags of frozen berries and some frozen kale as well as some Greek yogurt and pure juice such as orange or pomegranate. Give yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning to blend all of these ingredients together and pour into a travel container, or you can prepare the smoothie the night before. The protein from the Greek yogurt mixed with the infusion of vitamins from kale and the berries will be enough to set you on a good path for the day.

Healthy Lunch

Lunch poses another problem when you’re busy running your own business. There isn’t always time to stop and eat lunch, let alone seek out something healthy. And typically, the words healthy and fast do not go hand in hand.

Packing yourself a lunch every day is the best way to guarantee yourself a healthy lunch, but it also is another step to take care of at home. If you are not in the habit of brown bagging it, do some research for healthy places near your office. Quite a few places are turning up in busy areas that offer healthy salad and sandwich options using fresh and nutritious ingredients instead of heavy, fried foods that satisfy appetite but don’t provide the energy you need to power through the day.

The key thing is to find a healthy place and stick to it. If you are too busy to run out and get yourself a lunch, ask someone else in the office to go get it for you and offer to buy them something as a thank you. There are ways to ensure you eat healthy throughout the day; you just need to be willing to make it happen for yourself.

Healthy Snacks

Lastly, always have healthy snack foods available to you in your office. Make the food items non-perishable and easy to munch on while working. A mix of almonds and dried cranberries is a fantastic combination to keep in your drawer, or keep carrots and hummus in the fridge, which will both keep for about a week. Having healthy snacks available will at least provide you with short-term sustenance until a proper meal can be had and save you from trips to the vending machine.

Don’t rely on someone else to make healthy choices for you. Invest in your own health and well-being by making time for healthy eating every single day.