Get a Glimpse of this Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

A Dutch village called Hogeway is transforming the healthcare industry and paving the way for better care for those suffering from dementia. Unlike traditional nursing homes that rarely provide a fulfilling quality of life for their residents, Hogeway offers its patients more comfortable and familiar surroundings. There are no wards and no uniforms. Instead, residents live in a normal town and have a normal lifestyle – one they are most familiar with. Disguised as a town, it discards the traditional norms of facility care and offers a lifestyle community for those living with severe dementia. Residents can enjoy a stress-free living environment for their final years – something we all want for our aging loved ones. Learn more about how Hogeway is creating a better way for those suffering from dementia.

Exclusive and Secure Town

Hogeway is a cutting-edge elderly care facility that is, in fact, a town. With only one door in and out, 24/7 monitoring cameras, and over 250 medical professionals and staff, residents are safe and secure within the borders of Hogeway. But residents barely notice that they’re being monitored – staff dress up in normal clothes, take positions as cashiers, gardeners, and cooks, and join in on all the social activities for the residents. Spanning the size of 10 football fields, the Hogeway grounds feature everything regular residents would want in a town. There are beautiful gardens, courtyards, a small mall, restaurants, a theatre, shops, grocery stores, and so on. Residents get to live normal lives here and partake in a variety of activities such as shopping, playing bingo, and enjoying lunch dates. They also never have to worry about money – there’s no real currency, only fake money that is doled out to each of the homes to spend as they wish on groceries, at the bar, and elsewhere (with the help of their caregiver). 

Living Quarters

Instead of living in groups of 15 or more in a ward, residents are matched with 6 or 7 other like-minded individuals to live in a real home, with their own room – just like families or friends. There are 23 homes on site that are stylized based on specific lifestyle categories – traditional dutch, cultural, etc. – so that habitants can live with others who share the same hobbies, ideals, and lifestyles. The homes also resemble different time periods to help residents feel more at home. Each home also has a designated caretaker to look after them, cook, and take them grocery shopping and to social events.

Health Benefits

Studies often point to dementia patients feeling lonely and isolated due to their disease. Hogeway helps to combat this. Here, residents interact with others on a daily basis and get the specialized treatment they need around the clock. The grounds also allow them to lead a normal life. They can enjoy regular physical activities, decorate their room to their personal style, and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Dementia experts around the world have started to take notice in Hogeway and it’s level of amenities offered to dementia patients. Similar projects are just getting underway! If you’re concerned about an aging loved one and need to assess and plan for their future care, contact us at the Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management today.