Decluttering After the Holidays

After all of the gift-giving and festive parties have passed, the holidays can end up taking a toll on the state of your home. With the new year just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get rid of the excess junk and start with a fresh, clean, organized home. When you take on the task of decluttering after the holidays, use these tips to help you stay committed to your goal to get back to being organized.

Get One, Toss Two

This is a simple and helpful habit to get into – when you receive an item that you already have, you toss two (or donate) in return. When you’re organizing your holiday gifts that you’ve received, start to put this habit into action. For example, if you’ve received a DVD, add two old ones to the “out” pile. The same goes for just about anything – clothing, kitchenware, makeup, kids’ toys, and so forth.

Pay It Forward

When you’re sifting through your items, don’t forget to pay it forward and donate. Create a pile or have a bag on hand to place items to drop off at a local charity so you can pay it forward and provide others with items that you no longer need.

Take on One Room at a Time

The best way to declutter after the holidays is to take on one room at a time. That way you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, which can force you to toss in the towel and give up before you’ve really started. Chip away at your home by only focusing on individual rooms at one time, starting from the top and working your way down to the basement.

Have a Designated Area to Store Items for “Out”

As you move along throughout your home, create an area – either in the corner of each room or maybe just a corner of your basement – where you can place and organize items that are marked for out. This helps keep the decluttering process organized and easier for you to see the progress that you’ve made.

Toss What Hasn’t Been Used in the Past Year

To help you determine what to keep and what to toss, ask yourself each time what you have and have not used over the past year or so. If the answer is a definite no then the item should definitely be placed in the “toss” pile, if there’s no sentimental value attached to it.

Getting organized and clearing out the excess junk is not only great for your home, but it’s also an effective way to help clear out any mental clutter as well.  Get started with your decluttering project to help you stay focused and committed to having a clean, fresh home this coming year.