6 Indoor Activities for Seniors to do This Winter

Whether it’s treacherous weather conditions or a health and mobility issue preventing you from getting outside, there are plenty of entertaining and stimulating indoor activities for seniors to do this winter. Whenever you’re feeling a bit cooped up inside, here some fun ways to keep your body and mind engaged and entertained this season.

Listen to Your Favourite Music

Listening to music is always an enjoyable experience, especially when you get to control the playlist. It’s also an excellent way to stimulate the mind and get your body moving. In fact, music has the ability to improve memory, calm us down, and make us feel good by tapping into our endorphins. So, when you’re stuck inside during a blustery winter day, put on your favourite vinyl or playlist to sing along with, tap your toes to or get up and dance. It’s guaranteed to make you feel great!

Take an Online Class

Have you been eager to learn more about photography, photoshop, creative writing, or something else? With the winter weather at our doorstep and the internet at your fingertips, there’s no better time to sign up for an online class. It’s an ideal way to pass the time while learning something new. If you’re unfamiliar with where or how to sign up for a class, ask your children, grandchildren, or even your neighbors to assist you in getting set up.

Get Cooking

If you’ve been bookmarking an endless array of recipes, why not start testing them out now? Cooking and baking are fun activities, no matter your age – especially when you get to taste the fruits of your labour. Winter is the best time to perfect your culinary skills and test drive some recipes with the holidays just around the corner.

Explore Your Creativity

Whether it’s creative writing, journaling, painting, or knitting – explore your creative side this season. Creative activities let you express yourself, reflect on fond memories, keep your mind stimulated and calm, and they can even help to improve hand and eye coordination. So, get those creative juices flowing this winter!

Cards and Games Nights

Another favourite past time for seniors is hosting cards and games nights. Whatever your games of preference include, invite friends, family or your neighbours over for a fun night of games together. Games encourage us to strategize and activate our cognitive abilities, which makes them entertaining and great for our mental health. 

Foster a Pet

Fostering a cat or dog can give a pet the care and attention it needs while offering love and companionship to seniors who are cooped up at home alone. And if committing to owning a pet isn’t an option, fostering one lets you or an aging parent enjoy the company for a little while without making a permanent commitment.

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