5 Ways Workaholics Can Feel Fulfilled in Retirement

Feeling useful and having a purpose in our lives is vital for our happiness. Since building a career takes a great deal of time and effort during the course of our life, our work becomes a defining part of our identity. Many of us genuinely love our jobs, and it’s hard to give them up when the time comes.

It’s natural that when retirement rolls around, many of us feel as if we are losing that sense of identity and meaning.  This can feel confusing, overwhelming, and even scary; there are some simple ways that workaholics like you can learn how to settle and feel fulfilled. If you’re approaching retirement with apprehension, learn how to shed your fear and embrace your newfound freedom with these suggestions.

Join Something

Today, more than ever before, there are plenty of ways to get out there and get involved — whether it’s with your local community, a walking group, volunteering, or even with your church. Spend some time thinking of what you enjoy and ask around or do some research online to find a local committee or group you can join. This is an excellent way to give more purpose to your everyday life while also meeting new people and expanding your knowledge, skills, and experiences!

Pursue a Hobby

Retirement is all about embracing your freedom and spending time rediscovering what you enjoy. There’s no better time than now to pursue a new hobby or pick up with one that you left on the back-burner while you were focusing on your career over the years. Learn a new instrument, take art classes, try baking again, or find anything that will get you excited to learn and grow in your retirement.

Travel More

With time on your side, why not spend it seeing and exploring more of the world? Hop on a cruise liner or join a tour where you’ll have all the logistics taken care of for you — that way, you’ll be free to enjoy a completely stress-free experience. Think of all the places you were dreaming of seeing when you were younger and take advantage of retirement now by adding some adventure back into the mix.

Spend Time With Friends

Studies have shown that as we grow older, spending time with those we care about is not only beneficial for our well-being — it’s essential. Make a plan to meet up each week with friends or plan weekly dinners with family. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and create plans from thin air! Being proactive is the key to a fulfilling social life.

Have a Plan Before You Exit

When your paycheque switches to your pension cheque (if you’re lucky), you need a plan to ensure that you’ll have enough money for your retirement. Being retired means you have the freedom and time on your hands to do what you’d like, but depending on what you’d like to do, it can get expensive.

Even if you have enough saved, you still need to understand how to access and manage your assets to keep your taxes at the lowest rate possible. Don’t wait to start planning until you wish you started earlier! Contact us at The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd., and we’ll set you up with a Lifetime Approach system to help you achieve your retirement goals.

If you see yourself as a workaholic and worry whether you will feel fulfilled in retirement, remember that it all depends on being proactive! Feeling nervous about this transition is entirely normal. And, it will take some time to adjust to this new phase of life. By getting involved, finding new hobbies, and surrounding yourself with the people you care about, we promise it’ll be more enjoyable than you could have ever imagined.