Top 5 Things to Add to Your Retirement Bucket List

Are you getting ready to retire but feel worried that you won’t know what to do with all that spare time?  Retirement can be a major transformation to get used to, especially when you suddenly have so much time and freedom that you didn’t have before. Where do you begin and how do you figure out what to do so you don’t end up feeling a little stir crazy? Start by creating a bucket list of all the things you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have time or money in the past when you were focusing on your family and career. To help you get inspired, consider these top 5 things to add to your retirement bucket list that other retirees are enjoying right now.

Cruise Around The World

With all the free time on your hands, why not enjoy some travelling? If you’ve ever wanted to trek off and experience different cultures around the world, now you can! There are several cruise lines that offer exciting world itineraries with travel lengths ranging from 105 to 245 days. So you can visit all of the countries you’ve always wanted to see over a few months. Onboard you’ll get to enjoy a multitude of activities, from live entertainment and educational lectures to different workshops and unique excursions – the options are endless.

Spend The Winter Overseas

Many retirees head south during the winter, and now you can too! If you’ve been dreaming to leave the freezing Canadian winter, there are many different expat communities you can join in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Thailand and of course, the southern USA.

Cross Country Train Ride

Jump onboard the VIA rail to capture the picturesque landscape that Canada is renowned for. Take in the glorious Rocky Mountains, vibrant yellow fields, and the wide open sky of the prairies.  You can even join a tour, like “Vacations by Rail “that travels across Canada, departing from Vancouver with stops in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax. It’s the rail adventure of a lifetime!

Visit Your Ancestors

Retirement is also an ideal time to discover more about your heritage and family’s past. Stay a week, a month, a year – it’s up to you! Take in your cultural heritage, visit long lost relatives, and learn more about your family roots.

Buy Your Own Vacation Home

If you’ve always wanted a second home to hideaway in during the winter months or a cottage to enjoy during the summertime, now’s your chance. The benefits of owning a second home are many, and depending on how much you’ve saved up; you may be even able to buy a vacation home without having to downsize.
You deserve the retirement of a lifetime, so allow us to help you get there! Our team at The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd. creates the wealth plan you need to ensure the financial resources for your retirement and in place and ready to take on your bucket list. Learn more about our services today!