3 Common Reactions to the Market Cycle

Sometimes in life you find out the hard way that reality doesn’t always meet your expectations. This can be especially true when dealing with investments. You might think that you are comfortable with a temporary drop in your investment value, but when it actually happens, you may not be very comfortable with it. There are three common reactions investors have when dealing with the market cycle.

You become anxious and lose sleep

Your shiny new investment takes a dip in the first week, and dealing with it is way more difficult than you expected. Risky investments aren’t worth it if they cause you enough stress that you can no longer sleep at night. In this case, we recommend that you move your money into more conservative investments. You can talk with your financial advisor about adjusting your portfolio to be better aligned with your actual risk tolerance.

You don’t like it at first, but you get used to it

Your investment takes a dive and you start to worry. You talk to your advisor and they assure you that if you wait it out, you won’t regret it. You just have to be patient while seeing your investments through the market cycle. Once your investment rebounds, you experience the market cycle for yourself. This makes you more comfortable with accepting risk. You may even want to target more aggressive investments, or you may be happy with what you are doing. Talk to your financial advisor either way.

You don’t think twice about it

You keep an eye on your portfolio from time to time, but in general you realize that it’s not a good strategy to time the market and micromanage your investments. You and your financial advisor came up with an investment plan and you are going to stick with it. You don’t need to change your portfolio and you can sleep easy knowing your investments are in good hands.

No matter what your reaction is, every investor needs a good financial advisor to help them with their investments. This is true for investment veterans and for rookies. You should contact a financial advisor at The Beacon Group of Assante Financial Management Ltd. They will help your investment portfolio match your unique needs and personality so you can sleep easy if the market makes you nervous, or you can take some risks if you are more aggressive.